Questions and answers

Does it cost for your contractor to come out and give me a price?

For our company, roof estimates do not cost you money, but keep an open mind and have a good heart knowing the money and time the contractor apply's to give you the best possible solution to what your roof needs are, and fair price as well. With the ever changing prices of materials, our price given is good for 30 days, because after that it could change due to the fluctuating market cost, also for the reason of continued water damaging more decking could affect the price if job is not done within the estmated time period.

Is the roof crew insured?

Yes... our crew carries insurance for your protection.

A lot of companies don't have insurance, and it could be a great loss to you for saving a dollar from that discount fly by night (here and gone) roofing company. Be on the safe side with a long time experienced roofing company that gives you excellent service and peace at mind.

Is Roof 1985 Residential and Commercial?

Roof 1985 is mainly residential, but we will do commercial projects such as apartment complexes. Our specialty is installing (25yr-30yr-lifetime) asphalt shingles, or metal panel roofs. Our roofers are ready for the small and big jobs. Some residential houses have flat areas on their roof, which is no problem for us to take care of, and for that our recommendation is going with the torch on method (a rubber mat which is melted on the bottom to adhere to the roof without exposed nails).

How can I identify between the various materials?

It's easy!!! Just visit our "Gallery" page and scroll through the pictures... Remember to read the excerpt line below the pictures to understand what you are seeing. You can always contact us to ask for more details on the materials.

What is the time frame to get the job done once I agree to let you do my roof?

Usually no more than a week, but most times 1-3 days once you give the go ahead word.

How long will it take to finish my roof?

In most cases it takes only one day... but It may also depend on several different variations, such as the size, steepness, 1, 2, or more story house, how many roof layers, access to our trash trailer or dump trucks (such as being able to pull right up next to the roof, or a carport may be in the way which we would need to carry the trash from off the ground to the trash hauler instead of throwing it right in to it)... roof may have wood shingles hidden under a layer or 2 of regular asphalt shingles which we would need to remove all layers off to put roof decking over the entire roof... existing rotted or damaged roof decking areas... some rafter or framing may be damaged underneath... fascia and trim boards damaged at edge of roof facing, and of course, unpredictable weather. But you can rest assured we are professionals that will get the job done right and in great time. 

More FAQs

I think I may have storm damage, what do I need to do?

Since we're insurance claims specialist (we know how it works from beginning to end), the first thing you do is have us come out and inspect your roof for hail, wind, tree limbs, missing shingles or vent tops, or leaks which are evident from water damage to sheetrock, or exterior eve overhang or siding, and damaged roof decking areas as well. If damage is serious enough, we can take pictures of the damage and share them with your insurance company along with our roof replacement invoice (and other damages as well, because "we can take care of it all), and then we'll set up a time for their adjuster to meet with one of us for the insurance roof inspection (because we are there for you, and know how to wake up those sleepy inspectors). From there it's up to them to cover the damages, which if they agree to, they will assess all damages (roof and other structures, such as interior damages), and then they will work on getting your partial check issued to you. 

They will figure the complete amount they are going to allow you, then subtract your deductible which you are responsible to pay (Hurricane 2%, or hail damage/other 1%, which is dependent on the value of your house such as your house is valued at $200,000. then 2% =$4000. or 1% = $2000. Some deductibles may differ from various insurance companies as to how they figure it up, but this gives you an idea of how it mainly works)... then they will subtract what they call "depreciation", which they will issue another check to you after the job is done when you show them that the construction bill was at least as much as their total or more (sometime hidden damages are discovered which in this case we show it in the final bill that we send them, and in most case they cover that amount, if they're a decent insurance company) ... after all this, they send you a check for the remaining amount. 

If your roof is old or deteriorating, and an insurance claim is not a part of the plan, then you will still want to replace it before too much damage begins to occur and become out of hand. We can still handle the job if you're ready and willing to get it done!!

Does Roof 1985 do more than just roofs?

You better believe it!!! We are a turn key company... repairs, siding, make ready's. Inside or out remodeling, at any stage, we're up for the challenge. We will build your house from the ground up if that's what you want. Just let us know what you have in mind, and we will be there, because we're not restricted to roofing alone, and construction is our business!!!