Customer Reviews

Silvia Brown

I called Roof 1985 (The #1 "Roofing and Repair Co.") one day, and asked for an estimate, proof of insurance that the crew carries, color of shingle recommended, when they could start, and decided to let them do the job. At first I was was worried, pressed for time due to my work, and wondering about the time it would take them to do the roof. Well, they tore off 2 layers of regulars shingles, 1 layer of wood shingles, put new decking and shingles on, and completed the entire roof, cleaned up and everything before dark the next day after I first called. Wow, I highly recommend them, because they do what they say. I'm a very satisfied customer that will refer them to all my friends and family.  

Millard Brogan

I own a house in the Copperfield area that I let my mother-in-law live in. Roof 1985 came out and gave me a fair price, but more than the price was meeting Ray in person who walk me through the roof process. I showed him stains on the ceiling in several different areas and told him I was concerned with bad roof decking. He wasted no time going into my attic to pinpoint some bad areas. I also asked him to order a new chimney chase cover since my existing one was very rusted, including some bad trim boards. The chimney chase took 2 days to be custom made, but the roof job and trim boards took a total of 1 day to complete. Great company to call when you want the job done right.

Franklin Alabi

I first call Ray to look at areas where raccoons were sneaking into my attic. He found openings they had made and found shingles and vents they had messed up. While up on the roof he noticed hail damage. He had given me a fair repair price to fix some eve vents, boot vents,  torn shingles, but also took pictures of the hail damage. I was not aware of the storm damages so I called my insurance agent. They sent an adjuster out to meet Ray and  inspect the roof, along with some sheetrock damage caused by leaks in the roof. My insurance company paid for the roof and other stuff because Roof 1985 discovered the damages. They did a great job and finished in one day.  Hats off to them!

Gary Whitcher

Roof 1985 removed the destroyed leaking stone chimney on my roof, and re-framed it, put plywood, and installed Hardi-plank siding with caulk, paint, and a new metal chimney cover. Big difference it made, because it had been leaking for far too many years. They also removed some damaged ply-bead patio ceiling, along with some trim boards, and replaced with new boards, caulk, and paint. 

I was finally able to hang my big flat screen TV out on my patio without the worry of leaks coming in anymore. I'm working on a new big list of projects which I have coming up for them in the near future. 

Steve and Rhonda McCaddon

This was my first job from Roof 1985, and it was an excellent color of shingle installed on my roof. We took 4 months to get around to finally hiring a roof contractor after getting bids, but when I called and asked when Roof 1985 could start the job, I had at first figured there would be a long wait but it was done 2 days from the day I decided to finally get it done, before more water damaged the inside of the house. It had 2 layers of shingles and a lot of very damaged roof wood framing and decking wood. It was all taken care of, cleaned up and my tenets were very happy. We have 8 more rent houses and know who to call when the time comes for them. Very professional roofing company that takes lots of pictures. So ask them to show you my house, and also ask for the "pay cash discount". Saved me    

Micheal Warren

Ray is my roof contractor to call on when I find and close on flip houses. There is no waiting around wondering when the job will be done, or if it will we done correctly. I buy most of my investment properties in the north Houston areas, but it doesn't matter where I buy them, he will be there to do the job when called on. Being an investor is not always knowing what needs to be fixed on the house, that's why I call Ray to help me in that area. You now know who I call, and trust, since he's done more than one job for me. There will be many more projects for Roof 1985 coming from me in the near future. My customer ratings for Roof 1985 customer reviews will be heard in all of the roofing comments Houston areas.